Malay Keshav

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Malay Keshav

Software Engineer at Google
131 Diamond Square Apartments,
Plot 13A, Sector 6, Dwarka, New Delhi
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Martin Smith
+91 9811 6816 92



10th C.B.S.E
Delhi Public School Dwarka


12th C.B.S.E
Delhi Public School Dwarka

3 June, 2014

Bachelor of Engineering
Information Technology - Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology

Relevant Courses

Discrete Structures Linux
Data Structures System Analysis And Design
Operating Systems Computer Graphics
Relational Database Managements Systems Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Object Oriented Technology Microprocessors
Computer System Architecture Computer Networks
Distributed Systems Compilers


C/C++ 10/10
Objective C 7/10
Python 7/10
MySql 4/10
pHp 3/10
Java 6/10


  • Developed a custom UI interface from scratch while simultaneously implementing the features of a Drag Down Bar and Pull Down Table combined in one.
  • Used RestKit Open Source Library for JSON interaction with the server.
  • Developed a cache system using the CORE DATA for offline content access.
  • Used the GPU Image Library to create custom camera filters.

  • Developed a Machine Learning Algorithm to classify tweets into any two categories with an average accuracy of 95%.
  • Developed using C++ and Standard Template Library with a worst case complexity of O(n*144*4*logn).
  • Developed algorithm was independent of any input Language and was capable of classifying tweets from any language into any two categories.

20 December, 2012 - 31 March, 2013

Unity Engine Game Development


  • Developed the control script for the main character's flight control based on Accelerometer Input and Screen Tap.
  • Developed a waypoint navigation system for the various AI elements in the Game.
  • Designed all the individual Game Assets including the Low Poly 3D objects, icons, texture and User Interface.

1 March, 2012 - 30 April, 2012

Hedgewars Open Source Project


  • Worked on the AI section of the Game, developing AI for various weapons using Free Pascal and implementing algorithms like the A* algorithm.
  • Gained experience in Computer Graphics and In-Game Physics.

  • Developed a Client based on the Bittorrent Protocol for Peer to Peer Media Streaming.
  • Used an Asynchronous Event Driven approach based on the Python Twisted Framework.

1 October, 2012 - 31 October, 2012

iOS Mobile Web Application

Course Project for RDBMS

  • Developed a mobile web application with MySql as backend and Objective C as Front End for the iOS.
  • Developed a custom XML Parser to transfer messages between frontend & backend.
  • Developed the interface using pHp.

  • Developed an AI for the game of Tron using the Min-Max theorem.
  • Implemented the Flood Fill Algorithm to keep a track of all the connected components.
  • Used Voronoi Heuristic to further improve the AI

  • Developed 5 iOS platform Applications and contributed ideas to Android Applications.
  • Gained experience in the field of Mobile Application Development.
  • Gained experience in Objective C/C++ along with the software xCode.

1 December, 2011 - 31 December, 2011

AI for the Game of Poker

IIT Bombay Technical Fest

  • Developed an AI to play Texas Hold-em Poker against six simultaneous opponents.
  • The AI was capable of predicting opponent player's moves based on its past experiences and select the next best move.

  • Used the Play Framework to create a JSON API server.
  • Developed an algorithm to dynamically generate itinerary with the highest Happiness Index for the User.
  • Used the AngularJS Framework to develop a highly functional and interactive UI.
  • Developed a Scraper in Python to scrape all the data.